{Forever Young} ft OnsHm

{Forever Young} ft OnsHm












My outfit deets:

Blazer and pants: Zara

Top and bag: PRIMARK

Shoes: Tkmaxx



Ons’s outfit deets:

Shirt: Mango

Blazer: Maison de glamour

Pants: HM

Shoes and Backbag: ALDO


Spring pants trends: Culottes

Spring pants trends: Culottes

Apparently for the last two seasons the hottest pants for spring and summer are the ugliest out there. Let’s take a moment and try to figure out how that makes us – the mostbeautiful  women out there – feel about CULOTTES. Aaaaand I’m back. I can never do too well on my own, so…. When last year culottes came banging in as the pants of the season I wasn’t even bothered to stop and consider them as a trend (although they were) much less a possible outfit option for myself. But for some reason i decided to give them a try and here is how i styled them.




I’ve also strayed from culottes or cropped pants because as a tall person (quite tall) I’ve been traumatised with never having long enough pants or jeans. At a certain point in my life I wore culottes without them actually being culottes, or without having a clue that such pant style actually existed. Now the question i get asked a lot is: How to wear them? And can everyone wear them?



Culottes can be a pretty ugly hard trend to swallow, but it’s worth it. We get to step out of our comfort zones, play more with shape, finally find a great item to pair our crop tops with, and all the while look like sophisticated rich vacationers, or fashionable professional women, depending on how we style them. They go best with a more slim cut, fitted or cropped top. They look best with a high waist, well defined, side pockets, because the cut will elongate the silhouette, and tiny tops, fitted shirts, tucked in tiny sweaters, t-shirts, blouses, & bustiers help create a balanced silhouette.

Yes. It may seem like a tricky pant style, because it is all about proportion, and finding the right pair could turn into a tricky endeavour, regardless of your size. Unless of course we’re all 6 feet models, then we’re good.

Coat: Dresslink

Sweater: Rad

Culottes: Newlook

Boots: Everything5pounds

Bag: Forever21

Hat: Primark

Shawl: Jennyfer