Frills and Summer|Sidi Bousaid

Frills and Summer|Sidi Bousaid

Pink is such a perfect colour for sunny days!! Especially when it’s combined with frills. I felt so comfortable with this outfit while feeling lost in the beautifull streets of Sidi Bousaid. Not to forget the warm welcoming you get just by stepping in the town. Even tho sometimes they ask too much haha but it still feels nice and good.




I also loved having my Henna|Harkous on the go even that I am not a big fan of it but it looked beautiful and I loved it even more because it reminds of my beautiful origins.





The blue and white monochrome makes even perfect to just relax and sip a special Tunisian Tea in the Cafe des delices and contemplating the beach and boats.dsc_0328



The peace and joy one gets from the sweet smells, the lightness of the air, and the captivating, other-worldly beauty of nature. I will miss my afternoons in this place!!

Outfit details:

Top and shoes: Primark

Pants: Bershka

Hijab: Voilechic

Watch: Daniel wellington

Glasses: Rayban



When in Kiehls

When in Kiehls

I was invited to Kiehls couple of months ago but i didn’t have the chance to write this blog post, I have posted a vlog on my Youtube channel, Go check it out


I had such a great time surruonded by inspiring beauty bloggers and the staff there were so lovely and welcoming.



The store looked well pretty and organized, It made me to love the brand even more.


The most thing I like about Kiehls is the natural ingreduents they use in their products and how efficient they are. I fell in love with their moisturizer and the Daily reviving concentrate. I also had the chance to get my skin tested and to find the best products for it.






Kiehls is absolutely the best place to be if you are looking to take of your skin and I am so happy that I got the chance to test their products.

Thank you so mych May and all the members of staff at Kiehls Birmingham


World HijabDay/ Jilbabsrus

World HijabDay/ Jilbabsrus

Hi guys i know i was away for a while i am sorry i was a bit busy. I attended last Saturday The World Hijab day organised by jilbabsrus at East shopping centre in London.

Alhamdulillah, this is my 3rd year wearing the hijab. When I wasn’t wearing one a few years back, I don’t know what were the real struggles of all the sisters who wear the hijab. I really thought it was easy.

Coat and jeans: Bershka Boots: Romwe Shwal: Deichmann Credit to Sarahelmy


Once in a while, I feel we should educate those who know little or nothing about the hijab. Or just have an open discussion about it. Let’s face it, most only know hijab as a cloth covering a Muslim woman’s head. Some think of it as a sign of oppression. While some understands that it’s real purpose – covering up and being modest.


Now this is why World Hijab Day is important. People have so many questions about the hijab and we want to give them answers. World Hijab Day happens every 1st February and I think this is an important day for all Muslim women because it opens up a new platform for people to discuss and understand the hijab. I feel so grateful that i had the opportunity to be between many inspiring women that day. I had such a good time.

Cupcake : Jilbabsrus


With the beauties: BubblegumHijab and Romy
With :Manosa and Amira
With the photographer sarahelmy and Islam


With the cutie : Sebinah
With HalimaSabba , Anessa .. Credit to Sarahelmy


I also had the opportunity to be interviewed by Nadia Hussein from The BritishmuslimTv .

Having a deep conversation wtih the sweetest: Nadia Hussein



Thank you so much Jilbabsrus and British muslimTv for having me. I am looking forward for more events with you.

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

That time has come, the time that we’ve spent counting down so constantly this month, and where the hustle and bustle has since calmed down and the panic buying has been finished. No more can be done, and we now prepare for the last days of 2015!
Thigh boots :Romwe
Coat: Romwe
Necklace: Dressin
Bag: Chanel  Jeans: River island
So dear 2015,
Well, you have certainly been different. That’s for sure.
But am I ready to turn my back on you yet?
Honestly.. I don’t know if I am. I mean you’ve been an absolute up and down year for sure – and the biggest change of all, but I suppose in a way, I’m clinging on to you. I feel like I don’t want to let you go for fear of not being as ‘strong’ in 2016. I know that may sound a little silly, a little wimpy even but I feel quite content with you. I kind of like that I almost feel in a bubble in a way. A shit bubble at that sometimes, but a new bubble I’ve created, and grown attached to.
But I guess, I am quite ready to see what’s for 2016. It’s all going to be new.
Scary yet exciting.
Challenging yet adventurous.
Hurdles yet learning curves.
And the unknown.
But instead of dwelling on you as a year, because I’ve learnt that living in the past means you can’t see the future, I just wanted to write my thoughts about you.
So Happy new year Yall and hey, treat yourself to something nice.
Falling for Fall.

Falling for Fall.



Totally falling for fall more than ever right now. It’s all about those cozy knit sweaters, broken-in boots, Perfect Hats and scarves, slouchy jeans to make you feel great head to toe. I’m all about about soft neutrals like whites, browns + greys during this season- makes everything look so good, plus it’s easier to mix n’ match things with.







I have created a second Fall look for you featuring this hat that i’ve been craving/eyeing… totally loving it for fall! A hat is a definite MUST for this season… you know those bad hair/scarf days? Yep, my go-to accessory for the season! I love this black wool one and Bobble one from my previous post.




Items mentioned:

Hat: Tkmaxx, Scarf: Madiha Hijabs , Knit sweater: Forerver21, Pants: Zara and Boots: Bershka

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