{Forever Young} ft OnsHm

{Forever Young} ft OnsHm












My outfit deets:

Blazer and pants: Zara

Top and bag: PRIMARK

Shoes: Tkmaxx



Ons’s outfit deets:

Shirt: Mango

Blazer: Maison de glamour

Pants: HM

Shoes and Backbag: ALDO


Sugarscarf fashionshow case in London

Sugarscarf fashionshow case in London

Hello readers, it took me ages to write this blog post i know. Sorry for the delay i’ve been busy lately and hopefully i have many surprises coming soon for you so stay tuned.

Last week I was invited to the Sugarscarf fashionshow case in London and i was very excited about it. When i first arrived there i met Saima, such a nice person inside and out <3.


Saima from
The beautiful Saima from https://instagram.com/saimasmileslike/

We didn’t know what to expect inside, we were very impatient to see what is going on there haha. Everything was perfectly organised, bloggers had their sits in front. I was all ready and set to photograph models and fashion related items.

The show started . It was basically Scarves fashionshow more than clothing despite that the models were dressing very nice. It included Turbans too designed by Ilham Echenta http://ilhamechenta.com/. I literately liked everything there. They were different kind of scarves, for everyday, for evening, silk, satin. Also all kind of colors from nude to warm and strong colors. And they still have many other kind of scarves with different models and colors, you can check them on their website http://sugarscarf.com/ . You feel like every single peace was made with such love an affection. It was such a warm, amazing evening there. The time flied so fast with such a beautiful show. Here are some of the pictures of the models which i took.

DSC_1905DSC_1908-2   DSC_1928 DSC_1929-2 DSC_1932-2 DSC_1933 DSC_1938-2


DSC_1944 DSC_1945 DSC_1952 DSC_1956

DSC_1937-2 DSC_1913-2 DSC_1920-2 DSC_1922 DSC_1948

The models with the CEO of sugarscarf Eyqa from https://instagram.com/eyqasulaiman/ and with Ilham echenta from https://instagram.com/ilhamechenta/

After the show was over i was asked to give a word to their media as a blogger what i mostly liked in the fashionshow? what i didn’t like? Did i enjoy it? etc..

Then i chatted with the  girls there because i didn’t have time before i was running late haha. We took tones of pictures together, we made vlogs i will try to put you all the links if they uploaded already everything. (It was quite dark inside so i used my flash so excuse me if the pictures are too bright.)

The beauties Nissa from https://instagram.com/fusionfashionista/ and Sebina from https://instagram.com/sebinaah/
My babies https://instagram.com/manoosa92/ and https://instagram.com/romy_ahmed/
My Saba https://instagram.com/queenofshebacollection/ ❤
The CEO of echenta https://instagram.com/ilhamechenta/
The CEO of Sugrascarfhttps://instagram.com/eyqasulaiman/
The sweetest Imane from https://instagram.com/fashionwithfaith/ and Habiba from https://instagram.com/lifelongpercussion/  ♥

After long conversations, laugh and crazy moments, me and the girls decided to have quick dinner before we go back home. So we chosed the Pie Factory http://www.piefactory.net/ as it has delicious and Halal food (and it was the closest).

My outfit that night: Scarf: Primark Shwal: Atmosphere Leather jacket: Marksandspencer Pants: ZARA Boots: Marksandspencer Bag: Newlook
My outfit that night:
Scarf: Primark
Shwal: Atmosphere
Leather jacket: Marksandspencer
Pants: ZARA
Boots: Marksandspencer
Bag: Newlook

DSC_1994DSC_1993-2 DSC_2003

It was a long day from travelling to vlogging but i had an amazing time there with such beauties.

I also had gift from Sugarscarf it is this gorgeous black silk scarf and this cute pinky lipstick (everyblogger had same gift). I absultly adored them. But i also had a flawless Turban from the cutest Ilham Echenta, she was so sweet gifting me this nice piece. Thank you Dear i loved it <3.

Scarf and lipstick from Sugarscarf http://sugarscarf.com/.
Gorgeous Turban from Ilham Echenta http://ilhamechenta.com/.

This was my tinny blog for today, mostly i wanted to show you all the pictures i had more than writing as i usually do i hope you enjoyed it. Give it a thumbs up if you did and i will see you soon. I would like to thank Sugarscarf and everyone who was there for the amazing evening we had and also for the gifts they gave me.

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