Tutorial: My quick Turban style

Tutorial: My quick Turban style

Hello readers. I come back with a quick turban tutorial which many of you on instagram have been asking me to do it for a while. So here it is finally!! I am using a maxi scarf and i have fold it into two equal sections.

Start with placing the scarf on your head.

Scarf: Bershka Lipstick : Sleek makeup (792)
Scarf: Bershka
Lipstick : Sleek makeup (792)

You are going to have one short side and one very long side.

DSC_2176 DSC_2177

Then take the two pieces back and tight them together like so


And then take the short side and warp it on top of your head and pin it.DSC_2179

DSC_2180 DSC_2181 DSC_2183

Now bring over the long side and start fixing it on your head.


Smooth the shape of your bun in the back and tack the rest into the back of your head.


If you want to make sure that it’s perfectly in its place you can add some pins. And that’s the way i do it, it is very simple although it might comes different every single time you do it, might be higher, might be thicker, might be all messy.

I hope that was useful and see ya.


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32 thoughts on “Tutorial: My quick Turban style

  1. Very creative maa shaa’ ALLAH. I have tried this style before when I was younger but I think I have a funny shaped head because it always slipped off 🙂


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