Simple Leopard Halloween Makeup You Can Do In 10 Minutes

Simple Leopard Halloween Makeup You Can Do In 10 Minutes

First, start with applying your regular foundation and concealer on our face. Then apply eye shadow primer above your face, beside and below and blend everything. I used Wake me up Concealer from RIMMEL as a primer.

After that, start covering all that area with gold or copper Bronzer or eyeshadow. To do that I used the Bronzer from Bourjois in shade 01.

Bronzer: Maxi delight bronzer 01 from Bourjois                                                                                                                                  Brush: Precision foundation from Ecotools

DSC_2064-2-2   With Black liquid eyeliner, draw U on the bronzer and then fill these U with dots using a grey eyeliner.

Liquid black eyeliner from Broujois and Grey eyeliner from Lilyox


Now, add a white eyeshadow on your upper eyelids and line the eyeshadow under your eye.

Smokey Set eyes palette from Catrice using elf professional Eyeshadow Brush


Then add copper eyeshadow above the white.

Makeup Revolution London palette

DSC_2086-2 DSC_2083-2

Draw a winged line with the eyelinerand extend the line past your inner eye for a cat-like look.

DSC_2087-2 DSC_2089-2

Volume millions lashes mascara by l’oreal Paris

Add mascara

Draw on a nose using brown eyeshadow. Then grab the grey eyeliner and line the nose. Use the same eyeliner for the mouth. Only outline your top lip.



Color your lips with red lipstick.

Sleek lipstick in Vamp shade 786


And don’t forget to draw on whiskers.


Now you are ready to go out on the prowl!


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