Get Unready With Me: My Evening Routine.

Get Unready With Me: My Evening Routine.

Since you guys really liked my GRWM, morning routine, i decided to show you how my evening routine looks like.

There’s something so satisfying about an evening in, removing all evidence of makeup and relaxing in a bubble bath! Here’s how I unwind after a long day.

The first thing on my list of priorities when i get home is FOOD, i have got to feed my self. So i am having potato wages, sushi and some pineapples as desert tonight. Normally if i am having dinner by my self i use the company of my phone as usual checking my social media etc..


I usually take shower in the evening and what i like to do is to put some music , sing and dance out loud in the bathroom :P. So i start with taking off my makeup i use sensitive cleansing wipes from NIVEA and then i take the facial wash from Neutrogena and i massage it into my dry skin and it kind of breaks down everything really well.



Once i remove my makeup it’s time to dump into the shower. I always start by washing my hair and i make sure that the water is not too hot hihi i use l’oreal paris ELVIVE shampoo for dry and dull hair. Followed by the conditioner (a rich formula that helps to create fabulous feeling hair) I’ve found my hair to be looking and feeling great.

Nailpolish: Bourjois Paris Beige (03)


For body wash i use DOVE go fresh nutrium moisturise, it is really good for my skin and the smell is just amazing.


Then i jump out i put my self dry, I wrap my long hair then it is time to moisturise my body, i use the body shop body butter OMG it is the best thing i have ever smelled it is so so good the texture is very thick which is perfect for winter.



and for my face i use NIVEA DAILY ESSENTIALS SENSITIVE NIGHT CREAM, i love this moisturiser it is so gentle and never had any problems with it i just love it. Then i gently rub the simply sensitive hydrating eye cream around my eyes.

DSC_1646-2DSC_1647DSC_1648DSC_1650 So then it’s time to hid to my bedroom and put on my pyjamas which i got from PRIMARK recently and i hang out my towels because i like to leave my hair to dry by it self without using any hair dryer.


Sometimes before bed i like to have a cup of camomile tea, i got this habit since i started living in the UK obviously. Then it’s time to just chill out and relax. I like to read sometimes. At the moment i am reading a book called The woman who stole my life, I started this book a month ago and i never finished it . However when i either don’t feel like wanting to read or i am done with reading i would jump into my computer and just be in facebook, instagram all those things on social media.


And when i finish with all of that and i finish my tea, it is time to pack everything up i take everything to the kitchen and then i brush my teeth (with my sensodyne tooth paste which i used in my morning routine) despite it happens that i snack late at night hihi.

And right before i sleep i apply my lip balm which is the Forever Aloe Lips With Jojoba. What I really like about this balm is that it is very moisturising and not oily. It absorbs very quickly into my lips.DSC_1604-21

and then it is time to jump again in the bed and get a good night rest. I also make sure my hair is completely dry otherwise i can’t sleep because i will have a headache then i warp it again and that’s it. That was my night routine i hope you guys have enjoyed it give it a thumbs up if you did.

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