I’ve gone through many phases with my brows. I’ve experimented with colors and techniques so i thought to share with you my eyebrow routine because it has been my go to process for getting my “perfect” (according to my taste)  brows on both sides or almost 😛 .

I’ve outlined the process for you below. This method uses the classic eyebrow shaping rules that many of you have probably heard about or even use it. but with little trick to make sure your lines are flawless!

The first couple of photos show what my brows naturally look like. They are pretty much thin. Whether or not you have thin or thick brows this method should still work well for you.

Lipstick: MAKEUP GALLERY ALL ABOUT THE POUT in Babydoll Pink (07)                                                    Scarf: Bershka

1- Tweezing the underside of your brows to open up the eye area.


2-I trim the individual hairs that are unruly with brow scissors.


3-Then comes the part where you need to draw kind of a frame to your brows using eyebrow pencil. I use eyebrow pencil from Bourjois in Hazelnuts shade (07) I start by lining the upper line of the brows, starting from the very front of the brows going with the natural arch of my brows.



4- Next, i do the same on the lower line of my brows. I usually follow my natural eyebrows. If you have very thin eyebrows and want to make it looks fuller, by all means you may draw it higher than you natural brows.

You can stop the line a little past your eyes. Don’t get excited and draw the line till your ears haha. But I guess you can if you are wearing hijab.


Now stop at the highest point of the brows and start connecting it to the lower brow tails.

5- After that, you can start filling in your brows using the eyebrow pencil by making small strokes. Like you are coloring picture in color book. You can use eyebrow powder to get more natural finish. Take the powder using a small brush and heavily fill in the outer part of the brows.

6-Then to create a natural looking brow, use a light hand to fill in the inner part of the brow. The reason why you need to light handed-ly fill in the inner brows is because you wouldn’t want your brows to look too intense and fierce.


7-  Remember when i said i have a trick for you? The trick is to apply some concealer or brightener under the brows to sculpt them and make them more arched and defined. (Also to hide the short untrimmed brow hairs.) . I am using Wake me up in beige shade from Rimmel.

Brightener: Wake me up Rimmel (beige shade)

DSC_1479-28- Last step is i brush my eyebrows so to spread good the product using the brush of my eyebrow pencil and we are done.


Oh, and don’t be alarmed if your eyebrows are not looking the same. Happens to me all the time. After all, eyebrows are sisters, not twins. It’s okay if they look a tiny bit asymmetrical. The ladies understand and the guys won’t have too much time to notice :D.

Lipstick: MAKEUP GALLERY ALL ABOUT THE POUT in Babydoll Pink (07)

Hope this is helpful.

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