From Head To Toe: Get Ready With Me! My Morning Routine ♡

From Head To Toe: Get Ready With Me! My Morning Routine ♡

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you something a bit different. It’s a “Get Ready With Me”  so I thought it would be fun to put together a twist on my morning routine from washing my face, breakfast & makeup, all the way to getting dressed!

It’s 7 am boo nobody likes waking up in the morning but i am going to scrub that out of my eyes with spending couple of minutes checking my social media (Facebook, Instagram, my emails etc..) then i open the curtains to let in some sweet sun to the room , to feel the breeze of the morning.


Ohh hey cute flowers 😍.


Next  i aerate well the duvet and I make my bed this is something which just relaxes me and then i eat my breakfast which is the most important meal of the day YUMMY! Today i woke up quite early so i decided to spoil my self with some pancakes and Nutella .


Then i go straight to wash my face . I use a sensitive facial wash which is unscented, so free and super gentle it has an entire moisturiser so it’s super super hydrating .


I brush my teeth using my favourite toothpaste so far Sensodyne for sensitive teeth .


As soon as i am done with that i like to moisturise my face so to make my skin feeling really nice and soft and ready for makeup 😀 .


Later on i start applying some foundation and concealer using my beauty blender from UNE and that’s my everyday routine lately and i add some brightener under my eyes and on my brow bone .




Next step is filling my brows (with my eyebrow pencil from Bourjois which i forgot to make picture of, SORRY) and of course i am going to pump up the lashes with some mascara.



Next i use some bronzer to lighten my pale skin 😛 then some blush STAY BLUSHED from Rimmel which is my absolute favourite lately and then i am going to finish off with some nude nice lipstick .



Now i will chose the outfit which it depends on my mood it can be quick  or a hard choice haha. So for today it’s not something special, just some shirt and pair of black jeans which i recently got from ZARA and my favorite scarf .

Shirt: Jennyfer Pants: ZARA Scarf: Bershka
Shirt: Jennyfer
Pants: ZARA
Scarf: Bershka

I put my shoes on and i am ready to go.

Shirt: Jennyfer Pants: ZARA Shoes: Mango
Shirt: Jennyfer
Pants: ZARA
Oxfords: Mango
Scarf: Bershka
Scarf: Bershka



Foundation – 123 PERFECT from Bourjois in Rose Vanilla (shade 50)
Concealer – Healthy mixed from Bourjois in shade 53
Brightener – Wake me up from RIMMEL in beige shade
Eyebrow pencil -Bourjois in Hazelnuts shade (07)
Mascara – Volume millions de cils Noir excess from l’Oreal
Bronzer- Maxi delight bronzer for fare/meduim skin (01)

Blush – Stay blushed-Liquid cheek tint in sunkissed cherry shade from RIMMEL
Lipstick- Cien lipstick in natural kiss (27)

Thank you guys for reading this i hope you enjoyed it.

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